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newsletter iconartfilemagazine.com is an online art blog. Initially founded in 2013, the whole concept and site have been changed under new ownership since 2022. artfilemagazine connects all art topics, from the beginning of art during the prehistoric era to modern contemporary art, from drawing to painting, from art terms to guides for artists. We strive to cover everything related to the fascinating world of art.

We don’t use AI writing tools on our website because we believe that there’s a certain depth and nuance that can only come from a human writer. Our writers take the time to research and explore the topics they write about, and they bring their own expertise, experiences, and insights to each piece.

We are a team of art enthusiasts, educated artists, art historians, academics, designers and photographers with a wide range of experience.



Our Experts Team


Liam Davis | Editor-in-Chief, Writer and Art Historian


liam davisLiam Davis is an experienced art historian with demonstrated experience in the industry. After graduating from the Academy of Art History with a bachelor’s degree, Liam worked for many years as a copywriter for various art magazines and online art galleries. He also worked as an art curator for an art gallery in Illinois before working now as editor-in-chief for artfilemagazine.com. Liam’s passion is, aside from sculptures from the Roman and Greek period, cave paintings, and neolithic art.


Justin van Huyssteen | Writer, Academic, Educator


justin van huyssteenJustin van Huyssteen is a writer, academic, and educator from Cape Town, South Africa. He holds a master’s degree in Theory of Literature. His primary focus in this field is the analysis of artistic objects through a number of theoretical lenses. His predominant theoretical areas of interest include narratology and critical theory in general, with a particular focus on animal studies. Other than academia, he is a novelist, game reviewer, and freelance writer. Justin’s preferred architectural movements include the more modern and postmodern types of architecture, such as Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Brutalist, and Futurist varieties like sustainable architecture. Justin is working for artfilemagazine as an author and content writer since 2022. He is responsible for all blog posts about architecture.


Jaycene-Fay Ravenscroft | Art Author, Art Gallery Assistant


Jaycene Fay Ravenscroft

Jaycene-Fay Ravenscroft is a writer, poet, and creative based in South Africa, boasting over 6 years of experience working in a contemporary art gallery. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Art History and Ancient History from the University of South Africa, supplementing her studies with courses in Archaeology and Anthropology. Driven by a passion for learning, Jaycene-Fay finds inspiration in symbology and the interconnectedness of the world. Trained to analyze and critique art, she is enthusiastic about delving into the meanings behind each artwork, exploring its ties to the artist’s cultural, historical, and social context. Writing serves as Jaycene-Fay’s means of researching, sharing knowledge, and creatively expressing herself. For artfilemagazine, Jaycene-Fay writes articles on art history with a focus on historical paintings. She has extensive knowledge in this field and enriches our blog with exciting and in-depth blogposts about historic paintings, famous artists and art periods.


Jordan Anthony | Content Editor, Art Writer, Photographer


jordan anthonyJordan Anthony is a Cape Town-based film photographer, curator, and arts writer. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, where she explored themes like healing, identity, dreams, and intuitive creation in her Contemporary art practice. Jordan has collaborated with various local art institutions, including the KZNSA Gallery in Durban, the Turbine Art Fair, and the Wits Art Museum. Her photography focuses on abstract color manipulations, portraiture, candid shots, and urban landscapes. She’s intrigued by philosophy, memory, and esotericism, drawing inspiration from Surrealism, Fluxus, and ancient civilizations, as well as childhood influences and found objects. Jordan is working for artfilemagazine since 2022 and writes blog posts about art history and photography. She is also a content editor with us.


Nicolene Burger | Artist, Creative Consultant, Art Writer


nicolene burgerNicolene Burger, a South African multimedia artist, creative consultant, specializes in oil painting and performance art. She earned her BA in Visual Arts from Stellenbosch University in 2017. Nicolene’s artistic journey includes exhibitions in South Korea, participation in the 2019 ICA Live Art Workshop, and solo exhibitions. She is currently pursuing a practice-based master’s degree in theater and performance. Nicolene focuses on fostering sustainable creative practices and offers coaching sessions for fellow artists, emphasizing the profound communicative power of art for healing and connection. Nicolene writes blog posts on art history for artfilemagazine with a focus on famous artists and contemporary art. She benefits from her extensive artistic background and not least from her studies in Fine and Studio Arts. 

Megan van Schoor | Content Writer and Social Scientist


megan van schoorMegan is a writer and researcher who holds a degree in Social Sciences, with a specialization in Psychology and Environmental Science, from the University of Cape Town. Her dedication to acquiring knowledge and making a positive impact has driven her current work in promoting conscious and sustainable growth in Southern Africa. Megan’s interests encompass exploring the physical and psychological impacts of color in our environment on our mood and well-being. She is also passionate about the role of art and creativity, which has been an integral part of society since the beginning of human history. Megan has been writing blog posts about painting and color theory at artfilemagazine since 2022. Here she can fully live out her creative streak and constantly educate herself on a wide variety of art topics.


Cameron Kelly | Content Writer


cameron kellyCameron Kelly is a writer residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Cameron’s interest in art began in high school, where he took Visual Arts as an elective for three years. This elective involved art analyses, studying different art movements, and creating your own pieces. After graduating, Cameron attended Varsity College in Cape Town, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in English and Communications in three years. This degree included journalism courses, which helped him to build a usable portfolio of work. Cameron went on to a post-graduate honors degree at the University of Cape Town in Film and Television studies. Cameron’s favorite art movements include Renaissance, Romanticism, Impressionism, Baroque and Neoclassical. Cameron writes blog posts about art history for artfilemagazine since 2021.