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Best Art Podcasts – Our Pick of the Best Podcasts for Artists

Discovering the best art podcasts is like discovering how magic tricks work. Thanks to the best art podcasts, we can learn, draw inspiration, be entertained, and discover. As more and more podcasts about art history are produced, our world has opened up to having conversations with people from all walks of life, and learning about the best podcast for artists is like opening a box of chocolates – each podcast holds its delightful discoveries.



How the Best Art Podcasts Add to Our Lives

As more podcasts are produced about the arts, we are now exploring the possibilities of having conversations with people with the same interests where the best art podcasts are discovered as a small community. Art enthusiasts, art dealers, art historians, and art collectors are all joining in with conversations usually considered to be private information that is exclusive to the experts in their fields.

Tapping into art history podcasts is a learning institute where artists can learn from the best to find their success.

Learning from the best art podcasts is a way to learn in the privacy of your own home without sweating your way through art school. Podcasts about art history are a way to learn from either ordinary people or experts who have the same passions. Finding inspiration is the key to success when listing to the best art podcasts.



The Best Podcasts for Artists

Getting started and exploring the best art podcasts to listen to can be daunting, and information overload will be the order of the day. We recommend the top ten best art podcasts that will be worthwhile listening to. We will mention what to expect when tuning into the podcast and why it is worth listening to.


The Lonely Palette

Podcast NameThe Lonely Palette
Creators/Producers/HostsTamar Avishai
Topics CoveredArt history

Art history is surely a recipe for boring right? No, not at all. Every episode of this podcast talks about art history. As interesting as the stories are, so too are they accessible. The Lonely Palette creator and host is Tamar Avishai who chooses unsuspecting passers-by to interview and talk about an object she has chosen as the topic of the day.

While talking to strangers, she dives into the social context and the anecdotes of the piece being discussed.

This makes for exciting listening. We recommend giving this art history podcast a go. We think this is one of the best art podcasts for artists on our list. It is a history lesson that encourages the masses to start exploring their talents one painting at a time.



Podcast NameArtCurious
Creators/Producers/HostsJennifer Dasal
Topics CoveredArt history

This podcast is full of wonderful and mind-opening stories. The host is Jennifer Dasal, she shares odd and strangely wonderful, unexpected stories with experts and novices alike. She answers the most fascinating questions that pertain to the art world and great artists alike.

Some of the topics she covers, for instance, was the British painter Jack the Ripper? Did Van Gogh commit suicide?

The best thing about ArtCurious is not only is it one of the best podcasts to listen to, but it is not your typical college lecture. The importance of linear perspective in the art world may put you to sleep, but Jennifer makes her art history podcasts juicier than expected.


The Great Women Artists Podcast

Podcast NameThe Great Women Artists Podcast
Creators/Producers/HostsKaty Hessel
Topics CoveredInterviews with female artists, historians, and curators

This podcast is brought to you by Katy Hessel, an art historian, and curator. She interviews several artists specifically talking about their careers in the art field, including writers, curators, and art lovers, and loves to talk about female artists who have inspired them. We love this best art podcast as most women artists have been invisible in terms of recognition in the art world and Katy’s investigation into this sphere of the art world is long overdue.

Listening to Katy’s art history podcasts is like attending a mini art history lesson.


The Sculptor’s Funeral

Podcast NameThe Sculptor’s Funeral
Creators/Producers/HostsJason Arkles
Topics CoveredSculptures history, art, and practice.

Another one of our list’s best art podcasts is The Sculptors Founder, which has dedicated discussions around modern-day sculptors versus sculptors from the past. Discussions on art history are held where the explanation of techniques and tools and materials are given. This podcast is hosted by Jason Arkles who is a practicing sculptor who lives in Italy.

Jason’s belief that the appreciation and knowledge of sculpting should never die adds to the passion and reason why this podcast about art history exists.


Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Podcast NameCreative Pep Talk Podcast
Creators/Producers/HostsAndy J. Pizza
Topics CoveredInterviews with creatives

Host Andy Miller uses this platform of art history podcasts to ask questions. An important question that Andy likes to answer is how one can make a livable living from art. This is one of our list’s best art podcasts because Andy offers weekly episodes which inspire creative careers. Andy talks of logical things such as getting past the creative block and gives tips on how to stop underselling yourself as an artist.

No matter what your field is in the art world, Andy will help you find your creative gift and you will be able to connect to the audience that you are seeking.


The Thriving Artist Podcast

Podcast Name The Thriving Artist Podcast
Creators/Producers/HostsDaniel DiGriz
Topics CoveredArt and business

The host Clark Hulings provides business insights for the working artist. In terms of this being one of the best art podcasts, not only are there stories and interviews with artists, collectors, and leading experts that can add to the visual artist in a business but Clark is hugely knowledgeable about the world of art.

Clark gives excellent advice that is both informative and easily digested.


The Savvy Painter

Podcast NameThe Savvy Painter
Creators/Producers/HostsAntrese Wood
Topics CoveredInspiration

Ranking in the top 30 educational podcasts worldwide, it’s easy to understand how The Savvy Painter became one of our top 10 best art podcasts to discuss. The Savvy Painter not only inspires your creative muse but there are opportunities to listen to authors, visionaries, and top artists as they share their insights.

They give us the nitty-gritty details about being creative and everything that goes on behind the scenes before an art piece is created.

The host Antrese Wood acknowledges that artists spend 90% of their time alone and might think that their challenges are unique to them but by sharing stories from various artists, Antrese covers pitfalls and successes. This is not your regular podcast about art history, it is a community where thousands learn together.


Artisans & Trade 

Podcast NameArtisans & Trade
Creators/Producers/HostsStephen Obisanya
Topics CoveredArt and business

In this podcast about art history, expect to find conversations with artists, designers, and entrepreneurs who share their insights and answer questions in their respective fields. This is one of our best art podcasts as it is the best learning resource to help the new artist grow to professional levels.

Best Podcasts for Artists

The podcast about art history is straight and to the point and answers questions that artists what to discuss.


The Inspiration Place

Podcast NameThe Inspiration Place
Creators/Producers/HostsMiriam Schulman
Topics CoveredArt and business

One of our favorite and best art podcasts for inspirational purposes is called Inspirational Place. Professional artist Miriam Schulman talks about social media and how to market your art and allows us to have a mind shift change that you can enjoy your craft and still make a living out of it.

Social media is responsible for opening new doors that we never imagined and if you do not know the pitfalls or opportunities that social media offers, your art may just as well be a hobby to pass the time.

As important as your art is to you is as important as social media should be as well. Profiting from your passion makes this the best art podcast to tap into. It is not only inspirational, but it also helps to spread the word that there is a new artist in town.


The Messy Studio Podcast

Podcast NameThe Messy Studio Podcast
Creators/Producers/HostsRebecca Crowell & Ross Ticknor
Topics CoveredInterviews with artists

The artist that features one of the best art podcasts is Rebecca Crowell who shares her experiences in the art world and incorporates conversations with other artists into the program. She has painted and taught for three decades and is joined by her son Ross Ticknor, an entrepreneurial Millennial who brings new insight into the program.

The podcast about art history is available to upload every weekend.

Art History Podcasts

The best thing about this art history podcast is that the conversations are eclectic yet focused on the best ideas that other artists may find helpful in their chosen careers. This is what makes this podcast one of the best art podcasts today.


Hashtag Authentic

Podcast NameHashtag Authentic
Creators/Producers/HostsSara Tasker
Topics CoveredArt and social media/business

Finding an online audience to showcase your creative work could be a harrowing experience. The Hashtag Authentic is on our list of best art podcasts in that it explores the secrets to online success. The host of this art history podcast opens up a world of Instagram, blogging, and social media.

This podcast about art history gives practical tips as well as inspiring stories of success.

Best Art History Podcasts

The host is Sara Tasker and she will guide you on how to grow your customer base online and will equip you to explore the online world where you will be inspired to continue your quest for art and make a career out of it.



Podcasts About Art History

Learning about art history no longer means taking a trip to the library to research endless pages of writing that you are never going to understand anyway. The best art podcasts that you can learn from are right at your fingertips. We will look at a few of the art history podcasts where we specifically cover the topic of art history.



Michael Anthony started one of the best art podcasts without knowing art or art history. He researches all his topics and provides in-depth background on famous artists and what art form they are famous for. He has covered artists such as Pablo Picasso and Caravaggio and he leaves his audience begging for more art history podcasts.

Best Art Podcasts to Listen to



During the world lockdown with Covid, podcasts were the thing that kept us in touch with the art world. Listening to Portraits is one of the best podcasts for artists that give an audio tour through the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery. The director converses with historians and artists where he discusses the portraits that hang in the gallery. Taking a virtual audio tour through this gallery is inspirational and puts this art history podcast up there with the best.

As you make your way through the audio you will hear how the story of human identity is portrayed.


Art History Babes

This art history podcast is hosted by four friends, namely Natalie, Gorrie, Ginny, and Jennifer who almost invite you as a fifth friend. All the hosts have an MA in Art History and as they socialize, they discuss art from the past and right into the future. They offer useful study guides for AP Art History. These women love sharing their experiences and each episode is about two hours long. This is one of the best art history podcasts for artists as it makes listening fun yet educational at the same time. 


Modern Art Notes

This art history podcast is directed by Tyler Green who is an art historian. He is a writer and a critic and invites a wide range of guests to join him in the art world to discuss art. The art history podcasts offered by Tyler are riveting and he has also written award-winning books on the subject.

Tyler Green applies amazingly expert advice when talking to guests and always incorporates their journey through art history which makes it interesting to listen to.

The program is usually between 60 to 80 minutes in duration. Without a doubt, this is one of the best art podcasts and art history podcasts as you are being exposed to at least 500 new artists and are learning creative processes. Tyler does not add humor to his podcasts and the flat tone of the podcast can be a bit daunting sometimes.


The Art Detective

One of the best art history podcasts to tune into will be the Art Detective. The host of this art history podcast series is Dr. Janina Ramirez and she has degrees in English Literature and Anglo-Saxon England culture. She currently works at Oxford University as an art historian and writer. The doctor’s art history podcasts are quick and fact-driven. The episodes last up to 30 minutes although some may be longer.

Podcasts About Art History

She brings expert guests onto her show and discusses one topic each show. The good doctor believes that art helps us understand history a little better and she gives an enthusiastic program on her art history podcasts. Listening to the Art Detect6ive gives us more access to those who are new to art history and it’s a show not only about art but also history which is then incorporated into the best podcaster for artists and their thoughts.


Podcasting is the renewal of modern-day storytelling. Stories have been told to us since we first could talk. When we were born, we took instruction from our parents and family but as we got older, our teachings came from books and teachers. In the modern world that we live in today, social media is the platform that takes us to places around the world where traveling is not required. Getting to know the world of art and artists has never been so easy. The best art podcast lists are updated every year so there is no excuse for not being able to learn and explore and invest. When it comes to learning about the best art podcasts available today, it is just a push of a button to get to subjects such as podcasts about art history and the best podcasts for artists. As you start on this journey, enjoy the information, enjoy the challenges and enjoy learning. After all, if we are not learning, what’s the point?




Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Find Podcasts?

You can find all your listening podcasts directly from your android phone or tablet. Simply download the podcast app from google, then ask your Google Assistant to play the podcast you want to listen to or search for the podcast you are looking for on or in your Google app.


What Are the Disadvantages of Podcasts?

Time-consuming and accessibility problems limit audiences when it comes to podcasting. The bigger the podcast file, the longer it takes to download and it is not seen as a very friendly social media package.


How Do You Listen to a Podcast?

If you are going to be researching different topics then your smartphone will be the best device to listen to. There is also a wide range of specific listening devices available today.


Is It Free to Listen to a Podcast?

If you have access to audio programs from the internet you can access any podcast platform that you desire. Podcasts are free and are available via a range of apps. Podcasts around the entire world are offered for free.


What Is a Podcast?

Podcasts are series of audio files available to the general public to download and listen to via the internet. Each audio recording is known as a podcast episode and podcasts are hosted by individuals who are usually subject matter experts in the field that you are looking for. The best podcasts for artists offer a huge range of information regarding the world of art.


What Is the Purpose of a Podcast?

Entertaining an audience is generally the purpose of the podcast. The listeners may have various reasons for tapping into this medium such as updates on current events and trends in certain market sectors.


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