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Easy Art Ideas – Learn to Create Cool Art Projects at Home

Art is perhaps the most fantastic way to explore the creativity within us and to express ourselves. Better yet, it is a talent that can be picked up at any point in life, from the time we learn to walk to our golden years. The creation of art is not only fun, but it also teaches us how to solve problems, develops our fine motor skills, and can even reduce stress levels. Most people, however, lack the time, skills, or resources required to produce masterpieces. Fortunately enough, this is not the main goal of creating art. And better yet, there are plenty of easy-to-do art ideas that anyone could explore regardless of their skill level. In this article, we are going to explore several easy art ideas that are more than suitable for beginners and children alike!



The Benefits of Art

All in all, art is a valuable activity for individuals of all ages to engage in. The benefits it offers are numerous and advantageous for those hoping to improve their day-to-day life. Creating art fosters creativity, encourages self-expression, stimulates emotional well-being, tunes our fine motor skills, assists in cognitive development, promotes socialization, and even improves cultural awareness to name just a few benefits. By encouraging individuals, no matter their age, to engage in art activities, we can enhance their development and overall well-being immensely.

Before we get into the various easy art ideas that one might explore, let us first discuss some of the numerous advantages of performing art in the first place.



Creativity is one of the cornerstones of art, and engaging in art is one of the best ways in which one may express themselves in unique ways. It is commonplace for people who practice art to encounter problems that encourage them to employ creativity, which forces them to think outside the box and use their imagination. Creativity is a skill that is naturally fostered through engaging in art, which is an incredibly valuable skill that can be applied in all areas of life.

Artwork Ideas



When it comes to the many ways in which humans can practice and explore self-expression, art is no doubt the best outlet. Through art, people are able to convey their feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a visual format. For people who might struggle with verbal communication, art is an avenue through which they may better allow the world to understand them.

Creating art also gets people more comfortable with expressing themselves, which can assist in the development of better self-confidence.


Emotional Well-Being

Art can also be aptly described as a cathartic and therapeutic process. Many individuals have used art as a means to reduce their stress levels, better manage and abate their anxieties, elevate their self-esteem, resolve or subdue depression, and give them a sense of accomplishment.

Art Projects


Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are essential to the effectiveness of one’s ability to write, type, and use tools with their hands. Fine motor skills can be developed and improved immensely through engaging in art activities like drawing, painting, and cutting.

Essentially, creating art makes you better at using your hands, which are your most important tools.


Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is a crucial step in growing as a person and is what brings us toward becoming well-matured adults. In terms of the benefits to our cognitive development ushered in through art, it helps us with our problem-solving skills, ability to make good decisions, and critical thinking. Studies have also shown that art assists in the enhancement of concentration and memory retention.

Art Inspiration Ideas



Art comes in many shapes and forms, many of which can be quite a social activity. It offers us the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals who share interests similar to our own. The art community is also typically quite open-minded and supportive, which makes it easier for individuals who practice art to establish and build good relationships.

The familiarity that one develops through engaging with art also makes it easier to express oneself to others.


Cultural Awareness

Lastly, art is one of the most effective bridges between different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. By engaging in the arts, one can learn a lot about world history, traditions, and current affairs in a visual and oftentimes more engaging way. Many people would describe art as a universal language that transcends the barriers between different cultures and backgrounds.

Simple Art



Easy Art Ideas

If you have never made visual art of any kind before, you might find an issue in figuring out where exactly to start as a beginner. Fortunately, art is a multifarious activity with a plethora of options to choose from irrespective of where your knowledge and skills lie. If you want to kick off your foray into the arts but have no clue where to start, we might be able to assist you in this regard.

Here we have listed an extensive amount of easy art inspiration ideas suitable for individuals of the beginner level.


Bubble Wrap Prints

If you are looking for art projects that require little time or resources, and that is super easy for beginners to tackle, making bubble wrap prints might just be the thing for you. All that is required in order to create bubble wrap prints are bubble wrap (of course), paper, and some paint. You can start by cutting off a small piece of bubble wrap and then dipping it into some paint.

You can then press your dipped bubble wrap onto your paper canvas to create an interesting print.

Ideas for Art

Using different colors of paint and sizes of bubble wrap, you could come up with some pretty interesting patterns. Whether it is landscapes or abstract art that you wish to create, bubble wrap in a seemingly unlikely medium that works well for such things.


Drip Painting

When it comes to cool art projects that require the least amount of expertise, it does not get much easier than drip painting. The technique involves dripping a variety of different colors of paint directly onto a canvas or paper and allowing the colors to blend together.

All that is required to produce this sort of art is a few colors of paint, paper or an otherwise suitable canvas, and some newspaper to collect any spillage.

Artwork Ideas for Adults

To create a drip painting, simply pour your colors of paint directly onto the canvas and let them drip down. By tilting the paper or canvas, you can produce a variety of different designs and effects. Abstract designs and representational art are easy to produce using drip painting techniques. The more you experiment with this technique, the more styles you will uncover.


Collage Art

This is one of the most versatile ways of creating unique artwork from older media, and the skills involved can be scaled from the beginner level all the way up to complete expertise. To create collage art, all that is required are some old magazines or newspapers, scissors, some glue, and a canvas or paper. You can get started by rummaging through magazines and newspapers and cutting out any imagery you feel fond of. After you have gathered enough images to cover your canvas or paper, you may begin gluing them on to create a new, unique composition.

Using different textures, colors, and patterns, you can create many interesting effects.

You could even add any text you may have found in your magazines that you find interesting and add them to the collage in a way that produces a new meaning to the words. If you have an interest in abstract or representational art, collage art is a good place to start.


Salt Painting

Here is another unique art technique that involves a very low threshold of skill to get started with. All that it involves is the drawing of a design on a piece of paper or canvas using glue and then sprinkling salt over the design. Once this is done, you can then drop watercolors onto the salt to produce a beautiful coloring effect. To produce a salt painting, you will need paper, glue, salt, and a brush.

You can start by drawing out your design using glue. If you are not using a glue stick, you can use a brush to spread the adhesive. You can then sprinkle salt over the glue and let it sit and dry. Once the glue has hardened with the salt attached to it, you may begin to drop watercolors onto the salt, which will give the piece a beautiful dash of color.

Designs such as flowers or galaxies are easy to produce using the salt painting technique.

Easy Ideas for Art


String Art

This is a simple art technique that one may explore to create fun geometric designs. For starters, you will need some string, a piece of paper or canvas, and a couple of tacks or nails. You can begin by drawing designs onto the paper or canvas before hammering in the nails or tacks onto the substrate along the design. You can then trace the design out using the string by wrapping it around the nails or tacks.

Different colors of string can also be used to produce different interesting effects in your artwork. The best use of string art is to produce geometric patterns of varying complexity.


Marble Painting

Marble painting is one of the many cool art ideas suitable for the creation of unique designs on paper mediums. To make a marble painting, you will need a few marbles, some paint, and a shallow container. You can start by dropping a few marbles into different colors of paint until they are completely covered. Then, you can take your paper and place it inside your container. You may then take your painted marbles and throw them into the container and swirl them around over the paper.

As the marbles roll around, they will produce beautiful patterns on the paper, which can then be removed from the container and left out to dry.

Simple Art Projects


Watercolor Resist Art

Another example of the many great artwork ideas for beginners is watercolor resist art, which is so easy that even a toddler could do it. It is a simple art technique that involves drawing a design onto a piece of paper using plain white oils, pastels, or crayons and then painting it with watercolors. Since the waxy oil of the crayons and pastels are hydrophobic, they will repel the watercolor paint, keeping the design white while the rest of the page absorbs the color.

This is a fun and simple art technique that works wonders in the creation of beautiful designs.


Tape Art

This is one of those ideas for art that are simple in practice but effective in producing striking results, even for newcomers. It involves the use of painter’s tape to produce some sort of design on a canvas or paper.

The artist then paints over the tape and the parts of the canvas that are exposed before peeling the tape off to reveal an awesome design that comes from the negative space left behind by the tape.

If you are trying this style out for the first time, you can start by applying your tape in a simple striped pattern. Once you get better at the technique, you can start trying out more intricate patterns. You can also paint the taped canvas using more than one color of paint to produce more detail in the final artwork. Just be sure to let the paint dry entirely before tearing off the tape.

Fun Artwork Ideas


Sponge Painting

There are more simple ideas for art creation at the beginner level, such as sponge painting, which can be an easy way to produce textured designs on paper. The tools you will need include a sponge, paint, and a sheet of your favorite type of paper. You start by dipping your sponge into some paint before dabbing it onto the paper in random patterns. You can start off using just one shade of paint but move on to using more once you get more familiar with the medium to produce designs of greater complexity.

You can experiment with a variety of sponges that differ in shape and porousness to create more intricate designs.


Paper Mosaic

Paper mosaic is another example of cool art projects that involves cutting and pasting. Much like mosaic tiling, you can make paper mosaics by cutting out different colors of paper into small squares that can be pasted onto a piece of paper to create a design or pattern. You can start by drawing out a design on a piece of paper using a pencil and then filling it in using your cut-outs of paper until you have filled the negative space.

In essence, paper mosaic art differs from traditional art only in that the mediums used are paper and glue opposed to tiles and cement.

Simple Art Drawings


Leaf Prints

If you are looking for easy art ideas that have to do with nature, look no further than here. Leaf prints not only take inspiration from nature but also its tools and mediums as well. If you want to create a leaf print, the process involves collecting leaves from nature and then placing them on pieces of paper or fabric. You can then place either parchment paper or wax paper above the leaves before using a rolling pin or other smooth and hard objects to press the leaves onto the paper.

Once the leaves are removed, you will find that they have been beautifully imprinted onto the paper below. As you get comfortable enough to begin experimenting with the medium, you can start using paints, markers, or other drawing utensils to add further detail.


Wax Paper Art

If you want to make simple colorful designs, wax paper art is an option worth considering. You can start by melting crayons on a hot plate or inside a muffin tin. Once the crayons have melted, you can remove them from the heat and press wax paper down on them before they harden.

After the wax has cooled and hardened again, it will remain attached to the wax paper.

You can then take the wax and cut out a variety of different shapes and designs to create beautiful decorations that can then be hung up around your house. This is a great creative activity to do with your children around Christmas time as a way to get them involved in creating the decorations for the festive season.


Handprint Art

If you have young children, this is a great creative activity to get them interested in art as well as to capture and track their growth through a memorable keepsake. If you want to create handprint art, you may start by dipping your child’s hand into paint before pressing it onto a piece of paper or canvas. You can use the natural shape of the hand to create a number of subjects, such as animals and flowers.

Handprints of your children can be kept safe as they grow up so that you have something sentimental to look back on as they develop.


Stained Glass Art

If you would like to experiment with color and light, here is a fun art project for you to tackle. To get started, you can draw a design on a piece of paper or cardboard. You can then cut out the shapes of the design and glue them to a piece of clear contact paper. The shapes can then be filled with tissue paper – the wider the variety of colors you use here, the better. Once done, you can then add a layer of clear contact paper on the top. You can finish off by trimming the edges and hanging the final piece against a window pane.

When light shines through the window, you will be able to appreciate the many beautiful colors that fill the interior space as the light refracts through your artwork.

Cool Art Projects


Nature Collage

If you want another cool idea for an art project that involves nature, we have added this just for you. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors and want to find ways of incorporating this passion into your art, you should make a nature collage. All you need to do is collect a bunch of natural materials on your next journey through nature, such as twigs, leaves, and flowers. Using glue, you can then arrange and adhere your trinkets from nature onto a piece of paper or canvas to create a design that you are fond of.

If you have children, this art project is a great way to foster in them an interest and appreciation of the beauty of the natural world.

Art Projects for Kids


In conclusion, these super easy art ideas are more than suitable for anyone who wants to explore their creativity without too much prior experience in creating art. Better yet, they can all be achieved without investing too much time or money. They are also great for children who want to develop their artistic skills, as well as for adults who would like to pick up the hobby of arts and crafts. Remember, creating art should be fun, and there are no wrong answers. We hope that these art inspiration ideas have given you the motivation to start flexing your creative muscles. Now, all that is left for you to do is pick up your art supplies and begin creating. If you would like to discover some more fun artwork ideas, feel free to browse further on our website!




Frequently Asked Questions


Why Is Art Important?

Art is a valuable activity for individuals of all ages to engage in because the benefits it offers are abundant and beneficial to the improvement of our day-to-day lives. Creating art is a good way to stimulate creativity, improve one’s abilities in self-expression, foster emotional well-being, tune one’s fine motor skills, assist in cognitive development, promote socialization, and even improve cultural awareness.


Does Art Help Fight Depression?

Yes, there are numerous scientific and psychological studies that corroborate the idea that creating art is an effective way of combating the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Creating art helps us become better at self-expression and is known to boost confidence.


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